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Su is the founder and manager of the Joy Piano Studio in downtown Toronto. With her keen understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of piano playing, she is able to help students of any level improve their playing.

Su aims to give a solid foundation to her students by faithfully training the fundamentals- technique, ear training and basic theory.  For the more advanced students, she strives to provide them with the necessary tools to express themselves more freely at the piano, by working on sound production, efficiency at the keyboard, rhythmic accuracy, and musical ideas.

Su is especially perceptive and capable of helping pianists who struggle with memory problems.  Her doctoral thesis was titled “Memorizing, Internalizing, and Performing the Alban Berg Sonata Op. 1,” where she outlined a systematic way of learning a piece so that the pianist will feel ready and confident to let his or her voice shine through.

Teaching is a passion for Su, and she feels privileged to be able to share with others all that she has received from her own training and concertizing experience.

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